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QoS Classification & Marking

Classification & Marking are some technique to identify traffic types and segregate them by defining specific values in some additional fields of the IP/Frame Header. DSCP, Precedence(IP Header) DSCP and Precedence is a part of IP Header TOS field. There is a long story behind the development of DSCP and IP Precedence. So we will discuss long story in short. The TOS field of IP Header is a 8bits word. When using IP Precedence, we use first 3bits and while using DSCP, we use 6bits. In DSCP first 3 bytes called class-selector(CS), which is there to make DSCP compatible with IP Precedence and also to support PCP and MPLS Exp. Then the additional 3 fields in DSCP is called drop-precedence or drop-probability. Whether it’s a DSCP class-selector or Precedence, higher value always takes priority.IP Precedence has 8 values ranging from 0 to 7. Each of the values has special significance […]

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