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BGP Neighbor States – IDLE – CONNECT – ACTIVE From this explanation we might understand that a BGP process remains in ACTIVE state is due to TRANSPORT ERROR means the BGP process is unable to initiate a TCP Connection to the Neighbor. Refer the below flow chart where it explains the FSM transitions of three states IDLE, CONNECT and ACTIVE. In real-time BGP never remain in an particular state other than ESTABLISHED. Actually it flaps between IDLE, CONNECT and ACTIVE. BGP Stuck in IDLE Input Events 1 & 13 causes the IDLE state remain in IDLE state. IE1 is BGP START event and IE13 is BGP Notification Received. Also IE 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 13 causes other BGP states to transit back to IDLE. So the possible reason for a BGP router remain in IDLE is mentioned below. BGP Stuck in ACTIVE Input Event 5 cause the ACTIVE state […]

 bgp bgp-fsm bgp-stuck-in-active bgp-stuck-in-idle 

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