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Appliances for more than 10 Hardware Vendors like Cisco, Juniper, Huawaei, HP, Palo-Alto, F5, Checkpoint, Alcatell-Lucent, Erricson, Riverbed etc.

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Install ASA in GNS3  – Integrate ASDM to ASA  Downloads Step 1: Extract ASA zip file. It contains the  two image file ‘asa842-vmlinuz.kernel’ & ‘asa842-initrd’. Now you need to open GNS3.  Go to preferences in the edit tab.  Then go to Quemue VM. Opne a new Quemue VM by clicking new. Now set the name and type of the Quemue VM  ‘ASA8.4(2)‘. Step 2: Set the Quemue Binary executable path and RAM size. Step 3: Choose initrd and kernel image into proper boot specific location. Please note that at the time of importing do not make these image as default for this platform.     Now ASA rendering to GNS is complete. Its time to explore the rest of the ASA magic. Before that please take a look of my network diagram(physical and virtual) and how I actually implemented in my virtual platform.   Now to implement in my system I did the following […]

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