Running FortiOS (Fortigate VM) in VMware

Necessary downloads

FortiGate-VM.zip52.26 MB

FortiGate-VM.rar51.59 MB

Notes:: The hardware compatibility of the above Fortigate VM is Workstation 6.5-7.x virtual machine. Please try VMware Workstation 7.x or lower .

Video Tutorial | Installation, Setup and Licencing of Fortigate VM

Open the Fortigate in VMware Workstation

After download, simply extract the file and open the fortigate.vmx file in VMware.

VM Setup

Immediately after, it will be reflected on VMware window. Do not forget to change some initial setting before you fire up the Fortigate.

Optimizing Hardware

Do a little changes here in memory settings to optimize the hardware of your PC. Set the memory requirement 512MB.


Now do some changes in Virtual Network Adapter settings as compatible to your topology. Here I made my own topology bellow and dis the post changes in VM Network Adapters.


Untitled Diagram(4)

More about Virtual Netowrk and Sharing

VM Netork Editor Configurations
Varification of VM Adapters
Here see the impact of changes in my system. 19

Note here that my internet connection(Local Area Network) is shared with Virtual Network Adapter(VMnet8) and the IP address of the VMnet0 and VMnet8 is set to specific as I dis configuration on Virtual Network Editor earlier.

The detailed discussion on VMware virtual networking will be posted soon—

VM Apliance Port Lookup (Physical Port Vs VM Network Mapping)

Now see the changes I have done to implement my required topology.

Here I have taken two virtual interfaces VMnet0 and VMnet8. The hierarchy is given bellow.

VMnet0 > Port-1 > Internal Network > Subnet
Vmnet8 > Port-2 > Internet > Subnet

Firing UP the FortiGate VM

Now time to turn on the Fortigate VM. A cli console will come up with login prompt ( username: admin password: N/A) Now everything is ready, time to do initial configuration.

Topology Varification
Untitled Diagram(4)

Have a look at the topology once again

  • VMnet0 > Port-1 > Internal Network > Subnet
  • Vmnet8 > Port-2 > Internet > Subnet


Fortigate-VM login: admin Password: Welcome ! 
Fortigate-VM # config system interface 
Fortigate-VM (interface) # edit port1 
Fortigate-VM (port1) # set ip 
Fortigate-VM (port2) # set allowaccess http https fgmp ssh telnet ping 
Fortigate-VM (port1) # end 
Fortigate-VM # config system interface 
Fortigate-VM (interface) # edit port2 
Fortigate-VM (port2) # set ip 
Fortigate-VM (port2) # 
Fortigate-VM (port2) # set allowaccess http https ping 
Fortigate-VM (port2) # end 
Fortigate-VM (port2) #

Varify Web Console

Now we are finished with configuration. Time to open the Fortinet VM web console. Open the IP( is browser. A login prompt will open then, type their only username(username: admin), then login. The VM GUI console will come up then.


Now time to play with Fortigate.

Fortigate VM Licencing Deprecated Procedure

Each free fortigate vm have 15 days of trial licence. Once the trial period is over the GUI will prompt for a new licence file. So to get rid off this issue, the date need to be changed from the VM BIOS configuration. Open the BIOS setup by pressing F2 key during VM boot. Now change the date into the BIOS setup. The date should be a older date of the licence expiration date. Once the date is changed, the GUI will prompt a pop up showing the days to expire the licence.  

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