Fortigate VM (v5.0) on VMware

Installation of Fortigate VM version 5.0 in VMware and initial setup. Download Fortigate VM(v5.0):arrow:  for VMware. This version is more faster than Fortigate VM version 4.0 and performance is better.

In the previous discussion on Fortigate VM we have shown the procedure of installing, setup and licencing of v-FortiOS version 4.0 Old Discussion page:  Running FortiOS (Fortigate VM) in VMware Here we will discuss the Fortigate VM version 5.0

Features of Fortigate VM version 5.0

fortios-5-0-features 2_01


Step 1: Open the Fortigate-VM.ovf file into VMware Workstation or VMware Player.
Step 2: Import the VM
Step 3: Add the virtual hardware and optimize the performance.
Step 4: Run the VM


Video Tutorial

Download Fortigate VM 5.0  ➡



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