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EVE-NG in the Cloud I have been running GNS3 since last couple of years but when it comes to a large scale network simulation with high end devices my Laptop, the resources doesn’t support. This brought me to seeking a way to run EVE-NG on scalable and expandable resources. Configuring Eve-NG on Google Compute Engine In this tutorial I will walk-through on how to deploy Eve-NG on the cloud and more specifically on Google Compute Engine. I’ve tried Eve-NG on AWS and Azure but neither of them actually worked since nested virtualization isn’t supported. Google Compute Engine was also the cheapest option. It provide $300 free credit during registration which is valid for 12 Months. If you use the GCP VM only once required, the approximate uptime with variable resources are estimated below. Go to to estimate the cost. Step 1: Connect to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Step 2: […]

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